Free Old Age Homes

Free retirement homes are referred here, mostly run by NGO’s, Charitable Trusts, Private Organizations which offers free stay and food for their residents.

Paid Senior Living

In this category, we discuss wide range of senior living facilities which are chargeable, with various budget options

Assisted Living

Assisted living facility offers a housing alternative for older adult who may need help with dressing, bathing, eating and toileting, in some cases a dedicated medical team’s support provider like palliative care, post operative care providers also listed in this category.

Welcome to EldersAtoZ

At EldersAtoZ,one can easily find consolidated information regarding senior stay facilities, this would otherwise be obtained only on searching through hundreds of different websites across the internet.

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Why Elders AtoZ?

We are showcasing India’s first of its kind digital web platform, (say, a combination of magic bricks and Airbnb)meant only for “elders stay”. With this platform, the elderly can identify the right home (be it for short term or long term) that, also supports their lifestyle needs in their area of choice, all at the fingertips!
Elders A to Z is totally different from the current search engines on the Internet or the enquiry database companies that you have experienced so far.
Wide options

EldersAtoZ brings all the available options of stay for elders under the umbrella of our website. This will provide a wide range of options (which may have otherwise gone unnoticed) to the customer regardless of the terminology used to label the place of accommodation.

Location based

We provide location based options to enable elders to search for homes in their preferred geographical location in India. Now people can search for options specific to their preferred district, city or town.

More Decisive

A list of facilities provided in each of these accommodations are described in detail. These facilities pan over 40+ categories ( such as food, medical care, entertainment,etc) and many sub categories as required. Our information has been authentically collected and regularly updated to enable our elders to gain access to these details. This way,people will be able to make a more informed decision based on them.


We help seniors to locate their preferred area of stay according to their economical,religious and caste based preferences,also.


Since, EldersAtoZ was created with the sole purpose of lending a helping hand to our elders. We encourage any sort of feedback that would help to improve our services. We would also love to hear your inputs regarding any other stay areas which are not shown in our website and anything that you find would benefit seniors comfort and safety.

Why choose Us

Elders Home Solution providers - why should you consider Elders A to Z
For the Elders home service providers, to start with, we offer you a free name listing (limited time period offer), under which various types of homes, stay options, facilities, lifestyle, need’s etc., ensures the right match happens and the chances of your gettingauthentic enquiries increases multifold!
We aim to make our website act as your personal website that would benefit the old age home.
For the elderly - we connect you to existing vendors, service providers and professionals with old age homes and the elderly community. For example, you can identify your property based on city, location, budget, religion, food, etc and then decide if you would like to move in!
Elders A to Z incubates at AIC Raise focus on United Nations Sustainable Development Goals Elders A to Z has been incubated at AIC Raise, Coimbatore ( in turn supported by NITI Aayog, New Delhi). AIC Raise is an incubation centre focusing on United Nations Sustainable Development goals.
AIC RAISE encourages and backups innovative startups with suitable physical infrastructure in terms of capital equipment and operating facilities, key domain knowledge support, coupled with the availability of sectoral experts for mentoring, business planning support, access to seed capital, market information, management, business strategy, industry partners, training and as well as critical networking.


Donations and contributions drive
At Elders A to Z, we help you by creating tailor made schemes for your donation drive(s) (if you are a non-profit organization) with confidence. To establish confidence amongst each other, we will ensure a strict due diligence process is undertaken that covers legal, compliance, financial checks for each donation drive ending with actual feedback reports.
We do all this for you, so that the donors who come on board can trust that their giving is indeed doing what it is supposed to do – help and change lives.
Home Maintenance

Guidelines in formation and maintenance of old age homes & retirement communities.

Home Information

Invitation for volunteer opportunities ( providing information like old stay facilities available in their nearby areas and other information which they feel, it will help senior people)

Legal Information

Legal & Financial information for elders