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Sridhar Jothi is represent Elders A to Z as the Founder and Managing Director. He is strongly believe we have to take care of our elders in the best way possible despite our many unfortunate shortcomings.

Having spent 30 years in the area of private banking, He had come across many an elderly couple who had given everything they had for their children to pursue their career with what they could manage yet never thought for themselves when they were in their prime.

This made me wonder. Though an idea was germinated to kickstart an old age home in my hometown in the early 2000’s it did not sadly materialize. What did materialize was the Indians who left their respective home-towns leaving their elders all alone and none to take care of.

Today, it is quite common to see retirement homes, old age homes, nursing homes, on demand nursing care at home etc., be it for temporary or permanent stays, yet, not many know whom to believe, trust or go to. Even if they do get a good recommendation, would it match their expectations is a factor that needs to be considered with care.

Let us take for instance stories of elders being left in the streets by their wards is quite shocking and it is indeed cruelty to the extreme and this made me wonder, what would We do differently to ensure they are actually taken care of the way they should.

In depth research over many months led me to believe that though there are many an old age home of repute and thousands more are unknown, it is a sad state of affairs and thus was born Elders A to Z.

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It was a humble start for us when we commenced the journey of Elders A to Z. A simple name as it is, it conveys a lot, as all our services are offered are what you would actually need, irrespective of which category you come under, we have you covered.

In the past years of our journey, we have seen many twists and turns and yet we stuck to our guns. We have never budged from our core belief of providing 100 percent genuine, honest information and bridging the gap be it for the home or for the elderly on the look out at any cost.

Our information is driven by a team of professional researchers who ensure that the information garnered is current and up to date. Afterall, we are offering a service that has been written down in ourancient scripts since time immemorial. It is your dharma to take care of your elders.