Diabetic Cure

Important Pointers to prevent and cure Diabetes and other dreaded diseases:- 1. “SIRIDHANYALU” which has dietary fibre content in the range of 8 to 12.5% should be consumed as stable food. Only one kind of siridhanyalu should be eaten for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Similarly, the rest of the siridhanyalu should be alternated. Everybody in the family should be introduced to these grains from young age. 2. List of varied diseases, disorders and medical conditions cured by siridhanyalu A) FOXTAIL MILLET RICE ( THINAI ARISI IN TAMIL, KORRALU IN TELUGU):-Nervous system, psychologiccal disorders, arthritis, Parkinson and epilepsy. B) KODO MILLET RICE (VARAGU ARISI IN TAMIL):-Blood impurities, anaemia, weak immunity, diabetes, constipation, insomnia. C) BARNYARD MILLET RICE (KUDHIRAIVALLI ARISI IN TAMIL):- Liver, kidney, excess blood cholestrol, endocrine glands. D) LITTLE MILLET RICE (SAMAI ARISI IN TAMIL):- Uterus, PCOD, male & female infertility. E) BROWN TOP MILLET RICE (PURUVAM THINAI ARISI IN TAMIL AND ANDUKORRALU IN TELUGU):- For digestive system, Arthiritis, hypertension, thyroidism, eye, obesity. Further Pointers to prevent and cure etc., 3. Walking for about 50 to 70 minutes every day. 4. Eating greens generously and taking organic food in its natural form. 5. Increasing the consumption of drumstick leaves vegetables, fenugreek seeds and leaves, aloevera, bittergourd, okra, guava, drinking guava leaf, mango leaf, KASHAYAS (herbal decoction) first thing in the morning. 6. Completely avoid drinking milk except taking butter milk. Keeping away from packaged foods bought in the market. 7. Avoiding “MAIDA” and maida based foods refined cooking oils, use only organic cold pressed oils. 8. Checking rage and anxiety. 9. To start with minimizing eating paddy rice and wheat, and then avoiding them completely. 10. Safeguarding ourselves from high fructose corn syrup and white sugar added foods.