sesame seeds various preparations and nutritional benefits For the past five thousand years this seed is being cultivated and used in various forms particularly in the form of cooking oil. In the entire world, India is the topmost in cultivating this crop. Next China and Sudan are the other countries where this crop is cultivated. The most commonly occurring botanical SESAMUM INDIEAN and SESAMUM ORIENTALE. Before going to understand the various preparation let us know about the benefits. Seeds are rich in oil containing high amounts 83 to 90% of unsaturated fatty acid and other vitamins and minerals. In our religious belief also it is being used very often. When a person in death bed,the milk prepared from the seed is poured in the mouth to understand whether the person is going to alive or in dying stage or dead. If the seeds milk poured in the mouth, the person shows some symptoms of life. If there is no symptoms of life movement the person declares as dead. That was the practice in those days in the absence of medical service by physicians, etc. Further it is sprinkled with the seeds, even the food offering for the memory of the person died in the family long ago. When Gayatri manthram was recited during certain auspicious days, the seeds are mixed with water and offered to the God. Therefore,the seasame seeds are integral parts of our day to day life. Nutritional benefits:- For 100 grams, it contains Vitamin E-9% (1.4mg) Vitamin K-13% (13.6) It has got antioxidant properties. High amount of calcium is present in the outer coat of the seed contain micro nutrients in phosphorus,potassium and Zinc, amino acids, polyphenols like SESAMIN and SESAMOL which helps in skin care. It maintains have health, it elevates heart health due to natural oil plant lignans present in the seeds helps in production of hypertension, according to several research studies. Further more magnesium has long been known as vasodialates(an agent that reduces high B.P.) High fiber content which scraps out dangerous LDL cholesterol from blood vessels, manage Diabetes. The inorganic minerals like zinc, calcium,phosphorus are integral parts of creating new bone matter stregthening and repairing bone weakened by injury or osteoporosis. Improves oral health by reducing the presence of a common bacteria (streptococcus) in the dental cavity. Further increases the fertility in men and women.